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Studio Allettante is an Artisan Design Studio that combines handcrafted Artisan Tables & Mantels with an Exclusive Art Gallery of Art Paintings & Sculptures. The design concept of our team of artists and artisans is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of natural materials. We give form to natural materials in a way that is aesthetically pleasing at the highest level and is practical and functional in daily life. We've created this site to share our vision in design and products with you and hope you to have an unforgettable online shopping experience you won't forget.

The Collection

Artisan Tables

Artisan Tables created with the highest level of artisan design, craftsmanship, natural stone and artistic engineering. Each curve of our Artisan Tables has been designed and created to give you the purest table available today.

Artisan Mantels

Artisan Mantels created from the idea of bringing ancient history to your own home. Having both modern and ancient concepts melded into one another to give you a selection so exquisite, it stands alone, holding strong and true.

Art Paintings

Art Paintings showcase featuring some of the most famous Artists to have ever lived. Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and many more. Only a few clicks away and any of these original Art Paintings can be yours.

Art Sculptures

Art Sculptures showcase featuring original marble and bronze-metal sculptures. Created from some of the most recognized sculptors in the Mediterranean Region. All within your reach from the comfort of your home.

Our Concept

A Concept Years in the Making

We trace back to the beginning phases of Our Concept to help give you an in-depth understanding of how special this process has been to us. We provide you with the complete scope of our foundation for the now and future.

Why Natural Stone?

Natural stone is an essential part to who we are and what we do. It defines the original vision we have had since the day our founders decided to construct our materials to be used for the bedrock of our Artisan Products.

Our Featured Artists in Action

Featured Artists

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