Akin Yildirim

He was born in Ordu in 1963.

In 1984, he graduated from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Basic Arts and Sciences.
Özer Kabaş's views on art affected him very much. He held his first sculpture exhibition in 1989. The artist participated in exhibitions in New York, Boston and Paris, as well as solo and group exhibitions in Istanbul. He has made various studies on totems and detailed musical instruments in the early period of his career.

After the beginning of his career, he turned to expressive and surreal understanding to further advance himself. From time-to-time trying different abstract works (with most of the abstract works consisting of solid wooden sculptures). However, he has worked with copper for most of his career leading until now.

In 1992 he opened an exhibition called "functional sculptures". It was a very important accomplishment during his career to have his "functional sculptures" showcased. After which, He worked with various types of animal bones between 1994 and 1998, using them massively, but also using copper prostheses and wood, producing forms that created and supported each other simultaneously (he never excluded real forms). Human and animal sculptures worked anatomically from a natural perspective. 

He carried out studies in which we can see different schools within the scope of a single sculpture (including all different perspectives together). He has also had periods in which he has focused on metaphysics in sculpture. Which is something very unique for his area of expertise. Although he uses the traditional material of copper after 2006, he usually works on brass sculptures. These works have taken their place in private collections to date, which resemble bronze casting but are not cast. They are mostly handmade and have no other copies. Akin Yildirim, is one of the biggest up-and-coming artists representing the mediterranean region in the Salon Exhibitions organized by SNBA every year at the Louvre Museum with the participation of international delegations. He has received the "Special Jury Prize" in 2008 at the Salon Exhibition.

Akin's Perspective:
''Again, people and animals ... Critical moods, images and their thinking to actually move far beyond their planned functions ... Deliberate demolition of conventional aesthetic understandings for freedom to always be a challenge and to be questioned ... Sometimes; Words that are spoken with an energetic desire to improvise, without claiming anything fluid ... 
And works that are proof of a vital truth, reminding that it is very possible that everything can turn into anything else ... ''
The artist is still working in his studio in Istanbul, Turkey.

Group D 'art Escola Tarragona, barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Lleida 20015 Espana
SNBA '' Hall '' Carrousel du louvre Paris 2014
Contemporary Art Fair Istanbul 2014
2013 “90 and free” exhibition Turkish Embassy, ​​Berlin
2013 SNBA “Salon 2013” ​​Carousel du Louvre, Paris
2011 Contemporary Art Fair, Istanbul
2010 SNBA “Salon 2010” Carousel du Louvre, Paris
2008 SNBA “Salon 2010” Carousel du Louvre, Paris
Prix ​​special du Jurie in Societe National de Beaux Arts Exhibition
2008 @ Carousel du Louvre, Paris FRANCE
2007 SNBA “Salon 2007” Carousel du Louvre, Paris
2006 SNBA “Salon 2006” Carousel du Louvre, Paris
2000 10th “Art Istanbul” Art Fair, Istanbul
1999 9th “Art Istanbul” Art Fair, Istanbul
1999 Madison Sguare Garden Exh., New York
1999 Copley Society of Boston Spring Members Show, USA
1999 9th Art Istanbul, Art Fair
1998 Copley Society of Boston Smallworks Exh., USA
1998 Gallery X, Newyork
1997 7th Art Istanbul Art Fair
1996 6th Art Istanbul Art Fair
1993 3rd Art Istanbul Art Fair
1992 2th Art Istanbul Art Fair
1991 1th Art Istanbul Art Fair
2014 Selvin Art Gallery, Istanbul
2013 Almelek Art Gallery, Istanbul
2012 Art Shop, İzmir
2012 Mutlu Art Home, Istanbul
2010 Selvin Art Gallery, Istanbul
2007 Selvin Art Gallery, Istanbul
2003 Mutlu Art Home, Istanbul
2002 Art Shop, Izmir
2001 Art Shop, İzmir
2000 Aphrodie Art Gallery, Izmir
1999 Mutlu Art Home, Izmir
1998 Tuğray Art Gallery, Istanbul
1997 Tuğray Art Gallery, Istanbul
1996 Aphrodie Art Gallery, Izmir
1995 Art Shop, İzmir
1994 Mutlu Art Home, Istanbul
1993 Turkuaz Art Gallery, Ankara
1992 Tuğray Art Gallery, Istanbul
1991 Almelek Art Gallery, Istanbul
1989 Atatürk Culture Center, İstanbul
Akın Yildirim Sculptures - Gallery Selvin (Mar 6, 2014)
Akın Yildirim Sculptures - Gallery Selvin (Feb 16, 2010)
Akin Yildirim Sculptures - Happy Art Room (Dec 13, 2003)

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