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Model S in Sion Artisan Marble Coffee Table

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20"W X 48"L X 16"H

Model S in Sion

Natural Stone Name: Sion Lilac Marble (from the Mediterranean Region)

The Model S in Sion Artisan Coffee Table is a handmade marble coffee table by Aquila & Co. The Model S in Sion is a fully functional marble coffee table which comes in four separate pieces. The Model S can be setup within ten minutes or less from receiving it following the user instruction guide steps. The Model S in Sion gets its name from the rare version of Lilac called Sion Lilac. It is a specific type of Lilac that is found only in one area of the world.

We design the Model S in Sion as a stunningly beautiful luxury coffee table that our customers can swiftly assemble themselves. We adhere to our principle of simplicity for our customers. The Model S in Sion can be placed in virtually any home, office or event space you desire, providing you with elegance, luxury and sophistication.

Tool-free Assembly Made Easy

The Model S in Sion is completely tool-free and has the simplest assembly / disassembly steps ever seen for a luxury marble table. 

Dimensions & Weight

Total Weight (Fully Assembled): 85.31 lbs (38.7 KG)

Table Top: 48.9 lbs / 22 Kg

Legs: 12.1 lbs / 5.5 KG (Each)

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