Malik Bulut

He was born in Silifke. In 2000, he finished at Mersin University G.S.F. in which he graduated from the Department of Sculpture. He was and still is one of the most famous Sculpture Artists to have graduated from Mersin University. From 2000-2004 He was the main assistant to Sculptor Mehmet Aksoy. In which provided him a great deal of insight to expand his vision for his own Sculpture Showcase (which would come later). From 2004 and onwards he ventured on his own and since then he has and continues to produce a great deal of some of the finest sculpture work around the world. He is also majorly recognized internationally for his sculpture work. Even with some of his sculptures being showcased publicly for anyone to see who walks by. He continues his work in his own workshop in Istanbul, Turkey.
2013 FGM NY Contemporary Art Symposium, New York
2013 3rd International Komurcuoglu Stone Sculpture Colony, Denizli
2012 Nesin Mathematics Village Sculpture Symposium, Siirince - Izmir
2010 2nd International Adana Stone Sculpture Symposium, Adana
2009 Ege University 1st Sculpture Workshop, Izmir
2009 Trakya University 3rd Ilhan Koman Stone Sculpture Symposium, Edirne
2008 Trakya University, 2nd International Ilhan Koman Stone Sculpture Symposium, Edirne
2008 11th International Prokonessos Stone Sculpture Symposium, Saraylar Municipality, Marmara Island
2008 Cukurova University 1st Stone Sculpture Symposium, Adana
2007 Marmara University 1st National Haluk Tezonar Stone Sculpture Symposium, Istanbul
2007 Suleyman Demirel University 2nd International Sculpture Symposium, Isparta
2007 Ankara University 2nd International Stone Sculpture Symposium
2007 4th International Cappadocia Art Camp, 3rd Castle
2006 3rd International Alanya Stone Sculpture Symposium, Alanya
2006 2nd International Caria Stone Sculpture Symposium, Mugla
2006 The Yazibasi 6tt Ekin Festival, Izmir
2006 1st International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Ercis Van
2006 3rd International Cappadocia Art Camp, 3rd Castle
2006 Cumhuriyet University 2nd International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Sivas
2005 3rd Istanbul International Marble Sculpture Symposium
2004 2nd Aspat Open Air Sculpture Symposium, Bodrum
2013 - Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Distinguished Service Medal
2012 - Social Education and Development Association Award
2009 - Aegean-Art Sculpture Workshop Award
1999 - Cukurova University Sculpture Competition (1st Place)

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