Mustafa Horasan

He performed most of his artistic works in Germany, France, Holland, Spain, USA and Italy. He continually does his work in his own studio in Istanbul. He also works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Maltepe University. He has worked in domestic and international private collections and museums throughout the globe. He also has a work at the artist's Istanbul Modern permanent exhibition.
He completed his primary and secondary education in İzmir. Mustafa Horasan graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Arts, Original Printmaking Department in 1986.

Some of Mustafa Horasan's personal exhibitions, which have participated in many mixed exhibitions in places such as Istanbul Art Fair, Kazım Taşkent Art Gallery, and Galerist are as follows:

1988 Business Art Gallery, İzmir
1990 Esbank Art Gallery, Izmir
1991 TCDD Art Gallery, Ankara
1992 Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul
1993 Esbank Art Gallery, Izmir
1995 Başak Insurance Art Gallery, Istanbul
1996 Teşvikiye Art Gallery, Istanbul
1997 Faces and Things" Reform Art Gallery, Istanbul
1998 Transparent Art Gallery, Ankara
1998 Art Home Art Gallery, Mersin
1998 "Twilight", Teşvikiye Art Gallery, Istanbul
1998 Image Art Gallery, Adana
1999 Falez Hotel Art Gallery, Antalya
1999 Arda Art Gallery, Ankara
2000 "Nothing", PG Art, Istanbul
2001 Epsilon Art Gallery, Bodrum
2001 "Death = Death", Karşı Art Gallery, Istanbul
2001 "Fake Images", Image Art Gallery, Istanbul
2002 "Ordinary Things" PG Art, Istanbul
2002 Arda Art Gallery, Ankara
2003 Evin Art Gallery, Istanbul
2005 Evin Art Gallery, Istanbul
2007 Milli Reasurans Art Gallery, Istanbul
2008 Mac Art Gallery, Istanbul
2010 Pi Artworks, Istanbul

1984 Tiglat Young Artists Competition, Honorable Mention
1985 Viking Print Painting Competition, Honorable Mention
1987 Gulhane Festival, Original Printmaking Competition, 2nd Prize
1991 DYO Painting Competition
1991 Adana Cement Industry, Painting Competition, Honorable Mention
1992 Esbank Yunus Emre Painting Competition
1992 Main Insurance Painting Competition
1992 Adana Cement Industry Painting Competition
1992 State Painting Exhibition, 3rd Prize
1993 Esbank Yunus Emre Painting Competition
1993 Ahi Evran Painting Competition, Honorable Mention
1993 Adana Cement Industry Painting Competition, Honorable Mention
1994 Mimar Sinan University, New Trends Competition
1996 IMKB Competition, 1st Prize

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