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The Model S Artisan Marble Coffee Table

We’re so excited to now have officially announced our first exclusive artisan marble and natural stone table to everyone. It has been an amazing journey working with the Aquila & Co Artisan Team to finally be able to get everything ready for Canada to see a truly unique marble coffee table.

A lot of you have been messaging us on either our website, email or social media about how we were able to design and create something thats redefining what luxury and high-performance mean for furniture products. Well, we are here to answer this question in depth!

This post will cover the following topics:

- Why was the Model S Made?
- How was the Model S Made?
- What Makes the Model S better from other handmade coffee tables?
- Why combining luxury and high-performance furniture is the future?
- Our Mission

Why Was The Model S Made?

It started with the owners of Aquila & Co. (our Franchise Owners) and our entire product development teams collectively. We had a collective deep understanding of the high-end global furniture industry as a whole. We saw a major gap between products that were being sold on the high-end and products that were being sold as “functional products”. While also looking at where the best-performance products were being sold as a whole. Once we had all the data put in front of us (literally)… We knew the initial idea of combining high-end with high-performing and functionality needs to be created.

The main point to consider here (which we were always thinking about) is, "Why does luxury, high-performance and functionality always end up in different products"? Why can't it be offered in one product? This is ultimately why we've created the Model S and is now available in Canada.

How Was The Model S Made?

It was an extremely long and difficult process...

Looking back on the process now, we can say that our ability to bring it all together could not have happened without a giant team effort. Each team member involved in the creation process of the Model S provided amazing support and perspective at every level.  

The initial work started for design (from an artistic point-of-view) during the beginning of 2019. There, we were able to make 100’s of prototypes that could potentially work. They were and still work closely with the main Art Director and Featured Artist (Oktay Degirmenci) on each prototype design.

What Makes The Model S Better From Other Handmade Coffee Tables?

The Model S incorporates a long list of important product attributes that make it what it is vs. what other handmade coffee tables don't have.

Design, Performance, Functionality, Practicality, Artistic Engineering, Tool-free Assembly / Disassembly & Pure Marble and Natural Stone for starters.

The Model S combines all of them into one handmade coffee table like no other. It truly is redefining what is possible when all of these product attributes are brought together.

A lot of what we've seen is when you have design, you lack in functionality. Or when you have functionality, you lack in design. In most cases, you don't have attributes like tool-free assembly or artistic engineering even thought about, let alone created with a handmade coffee table.

Having them altogether in one handmade coffee table is a remarkable step we have collectively taken to advance what is possible within our industry. But it doesn't stop here :).

It has been created to be better in every category that matters most to our customers

- Aquila & Co.

Why Combining Luxury, High-performance & Functionality is the Future?

Products are always getting better, plain and simple. Better How? In Every way possible. In this case, its filling the gap between Luxury, High-performance & Functionality. While combining other attributes like Design, Tool-free Assembly/Disassembly and Artistic Engineering as we mentioned previously. People don't want to buy the normal coffee table anymore. More and more people are wanting unique products that add value to their lives in every way that they can get. What better way to add value than to combine all of these together to make a truly priceless handmade coffee table?

Now a lot can be said about why products are always getting better. But, what does getting better actually mean when talking about furniture? And in this case, handmade coffee tables... Well, when you consider what makes up a really desired handmade coffee table currently, you can go with the metal or wood marble combo. Or even a pure wood or metal table mixed in with glass. All are great options, but do they really give you more value than their predecessors? We think you know the answer.

It is time to push the limits of what value-based tables should be. And it should never stop. It should be a constant process that expands all boundaries. This is what we believe in and are doing everyday as a team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly create and push the limits of what is possible within our industry by giving our customers real value and uniqueness in every product we offer. This is and will always be the core of our foundation. We will never be an ordinary furniture showcase studio.We would rather take years to make artistically engineered artisan tables, then take a shortcut by offering something that doesn't provide real value to our customers.

In a world that ordinary is everywhere, being unique is even more important. Everyday we put ourselves in the lives of our customers and ask ourself, "Does this Model add value to them in every way possible"? If we cannot fully say yes, then we know we aren't quite there yet.

As we said before, no matter how long it takes, we will always strive to push what is possible within our industry. This is a major factor that will always separate us from the rest.

Written by Studio Allettante

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